Trust Us With Your Reputation

When you choose to trust your marketing to someone, you’re trusting them with your reputation. It’s not only important that your marketing team knows what to do and how to do it; it’s most important that your team understands your business vision as a whole. Get to know us a little better, and learn what sets Metric apart from the crowd.

Photo of Karley Hatter

Karley Hatter

Community Manager

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Photo of Scott Kondor

Scott Kondor

Lead Developer

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Photo of Nasim Jafarzadeh

Nasim Jafarzadeh

Senior SEO Strategist

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Photo of Brittany Mash

Brittany Mash

Illustrator & Designer

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Photo of Brittany Barnhart

Brittany Barnhart

Graphic Designer

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Photo of Allie Walker

Allie Walker

Social Media Strategist

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